Wild Rosa Rugosa Glycerite Elixir

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Our Wild Rosa Rugosa Glycerite is a gorgeous glycerine rich with the kiss of wild beach roses harvested from Seal Harbor, Maine underneath the Capricorn full moon.  It is instantly heart opening and nostalgic bringing deep healing to afflictions of the heart across time and space.  

We recommend taking a few drops, holding it in your mouth, and letting the rich rose flavor envelope you, before swallowing.  This Glycerite can be used on it's own for an immediate heart opening energy, or can be added to tea or sparkling water to give it a touch of that Wild Rugosa flavor and energy.  

This is a seasonal item and will not be remade until summer 2020.  Limited quantities available.


Ingredients:  Wild Rosa Rugosa flowers harvested under the Capricorn Full Moon at Seal Harbor Beach, Maine, non-GMO food grade vegetable glycerin, 80 proof alcohol (vodka), water, love.

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