Wicked Vegan - Muscle Salve

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Our same wonderfully effective Wicked Muscle Salve in Vegan form with candelilla wax.  

Wicked Muscle Salve is an awesome salve made from cayenne, and ginger infused in coconut and avocado oils, with  candililla wax and lemon eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint essential oils, and a red jasper gemstone.

Rub into sore muscles to increase warmth and circulation and reduce inflammation. Works fabulously well.

Available in 1 ounce and 2 ounce tins, 4 ounce PET jar.  Also check out Wicked Sticks for the same great product in an easy to use stick version.

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Ginger, Capsicum (Cayenne), Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, turmeric essential oil, Candilella wax.


DO NOT USE ON FACE OR NEAR EYES!  Wash hands thoroughly after application.  Keep out of reach of children. 


"The muscle salve helps my neck pain. I even shared some with my mom who has a lot of shoulder pain and she said it works! That's pretty amazing, because she is always in pain and has tried every drug imaginable" ~ Lauren Rantoul, California

"Absolutely amazing for sore muscles, my husband and I use this regularly! " Ashley, Maine