Valerian Flower Tincture

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Valerian Flower Tincture

I make a lot of tinctures and I must say that Valerian Flower is my favorite, most beautiful, of all the single herb tinctures that I have created in my 20+ years as an herbalist.  

Wild Valerian Flowers from my property that borders Acadia National Park in Maine, were mindfully harvested with a great deal of love and centered energy. They were then infused in 80 proof alcohol (vodka), along with a touch of food grade, non-GMO vegetable glycerin to impart a touch of sweetness and support a full extraction process.  

The effects of this tincture are unlike any other I have ever experienced.  It is an herbal tincture that acts as both a tincture and a flower essence together.  The energetics of this are amazing!  Valerian Flower Tincture has a calming, soothing, uplifting energy.  The first time I used it, it felt like "a hug from angels".  It is non-sedating and can help sooth nerves, support shifts away from anxiety, and impart a soothing calm.  

It is very different from Valerian root, which has a heavier downward energy and a more sedating physical effect.  

This is a tincture that I can only make seasonally, when the Valerian is at it's prime.  There are limited quantities available.  

Ingredients:  Wild Harvested Maine Grown Valerian Flower, 80 proof alcohol, food grade, non-GMO vegetable glycerine, a touch of water.  

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