UT Tonic Syrup

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UT Tonic Syrup

A light oxymel tonic that lends itself to healthy urinary tracts and prevention of urinary tract infections.  UT Tonic is a blend of herbs and cranberries that helps to promote healthy urinary tract function and may be an important part in preventing urinary tract infections.  It has antiviral and antibiotic properties as well as helps to restore balance in the urinary tract.  This tonic should accompany plenty of water intake.

Taken at the very first symptoms of a UTI, it may help to rebalance and thwart impending infections.  

Recommended dose is 1 Tablespoon at least once daily. It may be taken as it is or mixed into sparkling water, water, or another liquid.  Increase dose for acute conditions.  

IF you suspect at UTI or if symptoms have lingered, please see your health care provider for proper diagnosis. A UTI can escalate rapidly and may involve the kidneys, which can be a very serious ailment that requires antibiotics.  

Ingredients:  Maine cranberries, echinacea root, oatstraw, nettles, rose hips, hibiscus flower, cinnamon bark, ginger toot, marshmallow root,filtered water, raw apple cider vinegar, raw Maine wildflower honey, a touch of grain alcohol to preserve.  

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