The Synergy Elements Collection

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The Synergy Collection is intended to support and foster congruence of mind, body, and spirit. It is when we have congruence that healing occurs.  Essential oils, gemstone and plant essences are chosen for their healing qualities on the physical body as well as on the emotional and spiritual bodies.

It is recommended that you check in with yourself prior to use and ask what is needed and listen for the response.  Sometimes the choice may be obvious and other times, it may not be what you think.  You are encouraged to notice how you feel before and after use of any blends in the Synergy Collection.

The Synergy Elements Collection is a set of 4 oil rollers and 4 mist bottles representing each of the four elements.

Earth- for fertility , money, stability, peace, career
With patchouli , vetiver, cypress and a lava stone

Air- for communication, travel, intellect, divination, wisdom, freedom
With lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and an amethyst gemstone

Fire-for Communication, strength, attraction, will power, purification, protection
With Basil, Cedar, clove, and a red jasper gemstone

Water- for love, compassion, healing, forgiveness, Destressing, psychic abilities, and dreams.
With eucalyptus, spearmint, yLang yLang, and a Lapis gemstone


This collection is not intended for use by children as the oils are diluted to adult dilution.

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