Sweary Balms, the sweary lip balm that meets you where you are at

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Sweary Balms, the sweary lip balm that meets you where you are at


Sweary Balms!  They meet you where you are at.  Because sometimes you need a lip balm to do a little bit more than nourish your lips. Sometimes you want that lip balm to support your emotions too!

Often there are many products with names like "peace", "calm", "joy" and so on.  This is all good and well.  However there are times when we are feeling so far away from peace, calm, and joy....and we are deep in blame, confusion, trapped, and overwhelmed.  These are times when it is best just to acknowledge where we are at, even when it's a less than stellar feeling place.  Acknowledgement is the key to change.  If we can't first acknowledge how we are feeling, it's likely that we will just stuff those less than stellar feelings away and do our best to replace them with things we think we should be feeling instead.  This can create some pretty big conflict.  

This is the sentiment from which Sweary Balms emerged.  Not only are these amazingly nourishing and moisturizing lip balms, they also contain essential oils that support heart nourishing energetics and that help to support the emotional body by meeting us where we are at emotionally, and then helping us to move from that place.  And they work - really really well!


Watch our video on Sweary Balms here.  Warning....contains swearing.  Please do NOT watch in children's presence.

Each .15 standard lip balm is made with nourishing, rich ingredients and contains a single gemstone appropriate for the emotion it is supporting.  Available as single balms or as a set of 4 (with a discount).

Balm Ingredients:  Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel  oil, rose hip seed oil infused with  calendula, helichrysum, marshmallow root mango butter, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, rose absolute essential oil, vanilla oleoresin.

Fuck-It - For when you are feeling overwhelmed.

What the Fuck ?! - For when you are feeling confused.

Fuck Off - For when you are feeling trapped.

Fuck You- For when you are feeling angry.



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