Splash, Clarifying Hair Rinse

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Splash Clarifying Hair Rinse is an excellent addition to your hair care routine.  Organic, raw apple cider vinegar blended with essential oils is exactly what hair needs to gently strip away residue left behind from shampoos, soaps, and products, to rebalance the ph levels of the hair, and to give it a super clean, healthy shine and feel.  

Splash comes in five different blends, each formulated to suit unique hair needs. 

To use, add one tablespoon to one cup of warm water and allow to cascade over hair after shampooing.  For an extra treat, follow with Lustre Hair Serum. *Sage Moon Apothecary highly recommends the use of natural, herbal shampoo bars, such as ones produced by local Maine company, Dulse & Rugosa.  

Splash Blends

  • for Normal Hair - with sweet orange and lemon
  • for Dry Hair - with rosemary and frankincense 
  • for Oily hair - with thyme
  • for Dandruff - time, peppermint, tea tree
  • for Hair Loss - rosemary, lavender, clary sage

Each Splash Blend also contains organic raw apple cider vinegar, and spring water.  Splash comes in a 4 ounce glass apothecary bottle.

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