Scardy Cat Emotional Rescue Mist

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Scardy Cat Emotional Rescue Mist

Feel it.  Mist It.  Let it Go.

A space and body atomizer to help support courage and movement in times of fear.

Fear.  It can cause everything to come to an immediate halt.  Fear is actually not an emotion, but a mental construct that serves as an emotion blocker.  When we feel fear we are unable to feel joy, frustration, anger, or anything else for that matter.  We are sort of in an emotional freeze.  The longer and more frequently that we remain in fear, we can develop physical manifestations from the stress which can lead to an array of issues.  

Scardy Cat is a blend of essential oils and gemstone essences that help to dissipate immediate feelings of fear, bring in self trust, and both ground and uplift us, reconnecting us to the earth and to ourselves.  It should help to bring forward feelings of self awareness and courage as well as to help "unfreeze" and create healthy movement.   

When needed, simply mist into the air or onto the body of an immediate shift in energy.

Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of children's reach.


Comes in a 2.5 ounce coated aluminum mist bottle 

Ingredients:  water, rose water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential oils of frankincense, roman chamomile, lavender, with black onyx, celestite, and citrine gemstone essences.

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