Reishi Double Extraction Tincture

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Reishi Double Extraction Tincture

Sage Moon Apothecary's Reishi Double Extraction Tincture was made from wild harvested reishi from the Appalachian Mountains.  Double extracted in both alcohol and water, this is an exceptional tincture that is extremely supportive to the immune system.

Reishi is an immune system booster that is often used in situations of viral infections such as colds and flus.  It may help with respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma and has shown remarkable anti-cancer properties.  It may also blend helpful for heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, and kidney disease.  

Ingredients:  Wild Maine harvested Appalachian Reishi, 80 proof alcohol (vodka), water.

Reishi should not be used for longer than 6 months consecutively without taking a month break from taking it.  In higher prolonged doses, reishi may contribute to liver issues. 

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