Opalescence, High Vibration Face Serum

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Opalescence, High Vibration Face Serum

Opalescence is a high vibration face serum that nourishes, moisturizes, and protects delicate facial skin.  Excellent for all skin types of all years, Opalescence will nourish and rejuvenate skin in those of the age of wisdom and grace, and will protect skin in those that are still in the mother and maiden years.  A lovely indulgence for the skin, it is an excellent choice for those that prefer the lighter feel of a serum instead of a creme which contains butters and hints of beeswax.  Lightly scented with hints of rose infused oils and  Palma rosa, chamomile, and lavender essential oils, this is a subtlety scented blend.

Massage a few drops into clean, dry or slightly damp skin.  Only a few drops are needed. A little goes a long way.

Each 1 ounce dropper bottle contains a quartz crystal gemstone that helps to support and raise the high vibration of the oil blend. 

Ingredients:  Rose infused oils of jojoba, baobab, pomegranate seed, pumpkin seed, argan, essential oils of Palma rosa, chamomile, lavender.


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