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One Small Change, the toolbox and method for creating great change, one small change at a time.

One Small Change is a collection of four essential oil and gemstone based formulas along with a method to help bring new choice and change into your life.  

The method I developed from 20 years in the field of herbal medicine and nearly 10 years as a wellness practitioner,  is what I refer to as “The Backdoor Approach”.  This approach is based on the premise that the way we do one thing is pretty much, at its essence, the way we do all things. Change one small habit, perhaps as seemingly menial as the habitual way you brush your teeth, and the ripples from that change will flow out to bigger aspects of your life in ways you perhaps didn’t even imagine.

It’s often a great challenge to approach big change head on, because the mind is strong and loves what is familiar, regardless of how unpleasant it may be. We often go reeling back fairly hard to what is familiar to us.
With “The Backdoor Approach” in One Small Change, we can somewhat go around the mental body, and create change in an area that is far less threatening to what is familiar and then watch as it cascades.

One Small Change can be used in conjunction with other therapies or on its own. It is a personal tool kit with possibilities for great empowerment.

Each Kit contains the following essential oil & gemstone rollers, each for one step along the One Small Change process way, and one aromatherapy inhaler.  *Organic olive oil is the base oil for the oil rollers.

Acknowledge and Accept - helps bring about clarity to awareness so that we can then acknowledge and accept what it is that we would like to change. Chamomile, clary sage, myrrh, cypress, lemongrass, aventurine

Let Go - supports us in. making the conscious choice to let go of habits and patterns that no longer serve us.  palmarosa, lime, frankincense, coriander, amyris, garnet

Stepping In - helps support us in the new and unfamiliar place that we are now in, after we have let go.  It helps us to not go reeling back into old patterns, helps to keep us grounded and welcoming the familiar with excitement and curiosity.  rosemary, lemon, sweet orange, amber

Presence (inhaler) - helps us to quickly get back to a state of presence, which is the place where healing occurs.  cypress, cedar, vetiver, pine


This is another product, like the Healing PTSD Kit, that I am extremely fond of and have the utmost confidence that it works.  Because of this, I want to make One Small Change available to all who seek it.  Therefore, it is being offered on a sliding scale cost of $35 to $50 (These kits cost approximately $30 each to make), in which you choose your price.  

If you are a wellness practitioner, therapist, or other health care professional and are interested in purchasing multiple kits for use in your practice, please contact me for a professional discount.    


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