Mystic Talisman

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Each Mystic Talisman, made by Sage Moon Apothecary,  is unique.  All contain a large 6-8"selenite wand or  a small blue kyanite stone (2-4") along with either a botanical smudge bundle from locally grown herbs such as sage, lavender, and calendula, and/or a Palo Santo stick.  

These can be left as they are and placed upon an altar or a magical space or they may be taken apart and used - the smudge and Palo Santo burned and the Selenite and Kyanite used to clear negative energy. 

Selenite is a powerful clearing and cleansing stone.  It is said to absorb negative energy. It can be used to clear and charge pendulums and other gemstones.  Kyanite has similar properties and is a self cleansing stone, never needing to be cleansed or recharged.  

Each Mystic Talisman will be different.  We will select a very special one just for you.