Mushroom Magic Lip Elixir Balm

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Mushroom Magic Lip Elixir Balm brings together organically grown Maine Shiitake mushrooms and the highly revered Tremella Mushroom (AKA Snow Mushroom) in a lovely multi purpose elixir balm.  

This balm can be used on the lips and other areas of the skin where needed. It reduces fine lines, brightens and evens out skin tone, nourishes and moisturizes. It contains NO essential oils, so can be safely used around delicate eye areas.   


Tremella is a fungi that has incredible skin benefits.  It can lighten and brighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,  stimulate cell growth (so helpful in expediting wound healing), and is both anti inflammatory and very. high in antioxidants.  It also possesses anti-cancer properties.  

Tremella has smaller particles than hyaluronic acid, therefore has even greater moisture holding capacity.  It is also extremely high in vitamin D.  

Studies have shown that Tremella creates a flexible "hydration film" on the skin, which helps to quickly bring moisture to dry skin and brings it back to a healthful, nourished state.  

Shiitake mushrooms provide exceptional immune support.  They are antiviral and antibacterial, so they can help with pretty much anything from the common cold to pre-cancer conditions.  Compounds in Shiitake help with cardiovascular health. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by blocking adhesion of outside substances to cells and protecting blood vessels from damage.  Shiitake are nutrient rich in vitamins and minerals, in particular, iron, selenium, copper, and B vitamins.  Research shows that Shiitake and other m mushrooms reduce tumor size and have promising effects against cancer.  


Ingredients:  Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic golden jojoba oil, mango butter, Maine Shiitake Mushrooms, Tremella Mushrooms, golden beeswax, food grade vegetable glycerin.  

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