Mermaid Tresses, Beach Hair Potion Infused with Maine Ocean Magic - July 31, 8pm Release

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Limited Seasonal Only Edition!

Available for Ordering on July 31 at 8:00pm

It will say OUT OF STOCK until July 31 at 8:00pm, at which time there will be 12 listed for ordering.  

Mermaid Tresses, Beach Hair Potion Infused with Maine Ocean Magic, is an EXCEPTIONAL creation intended to give your hair that ocean kissed beach look without the sticky dryness that often accompanies "beach hair". 100% natural, Mermaid Tresses will not only give your hair a "Just swam in the ocean look", it will also bring nourishment and protection to your lovely locks.  Works very well on thick hair and/or curly hair.  Also lends curl to thinner straighter hair.

This is an incredibly mindfully crafted artisanal product - Rosa Rugosa Flowers, carefully selected from Oceanside Seal Harbor, Maine were harvested and infused under the Capricorn Full Moon; Musk Mallow Flowers and Leaves grown in the Sage Moon Apothecary Gardens, bring a slippery, nourishing texture with their muciligenic  properties; Tremella Mushrooms, rich in photo-hyaluronic acid, add textural moisturizing perfection!  Three different salts come together to create a mineral rich concoction that locks in curls.  Three high quality oils dance throughout to provide a backdrop which prevents brittle dryness that often accompanies commercial beachy hair products. Caressed with a touch of lemongrass essential oil for a very light uplifting scent, that dissipates after drying.

This is a seasonal Limited Edition Product, created from wild grown herbs only available for harvesting during a short period of time.  

Mermaid Tresses comes in a large 8 ounce black PET bottle with sprayer.

To use, mist  liberal amount onto damp or dry hair, scrunch and let dry.  

Ingredients:  Water infused with Rosa Rugosa Petals from Seal Harbor, Maine harvested under the Full Moon in Capricorn, Musk Mallow Flower & Leaf, Tremella Mushroom, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Oil, Mineral Rich Celtic sea salt, epsom salt, magnesium chloride from Zechstein Seabed, A touch of Vodka to help preserve, Lemongrass Essential Oil.  


Photos below show Sage Moon Apothecary Botanical Alchemist, Jennifer May, with Mermaid Tresses as her only hair product.