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Manifest, a magical manifestation mist, is in a category all by itself.  While it may whisper with the flavor of "snake oil", it is far from it.  Manifest is a powerful energetic mist that derives it's "magic" from a special blend of flower essences created from a very special garden in the lower Atlantic region of the United States.  This blend of flower essences is specific to manifestation and we have seen it work wonders at what it can bring forth into people's lives.  

It also contains a lovely blend of floral essential oils and adds an uplifting quality when used as a body mist and space atomizer.  Surprisingly, it may also be used as an underarm deodorant as it contains essential oils that are very effective at thwarting the bacteria that cause underarm odor, without eliminating the body's natural ability to sweat.

Manifest may not be for everyone.  It is most attractive to those that are open to inviting change and new choices in their lives, and quite possibly to those that are familiar with the amazing effectiveness at energetic medicine and essences to bring about shifts, change, and new choices.

This is a topical and space mist, and is NOT intended to be used internally.  

To use, clearly form the intention that you "wish" for, and what you would like to manifest.  It is recommended that we be specific with our requests, and open to the unexpected and unpredictable ways that our requests may be answered.

Comes in a 2.72 aluminum coated mist bottle.

Ingredients:  water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential oils of lavender, chamomile, balsa Peru, magical garden flower essence



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