Maine Lavender Glycerite Elixir

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Our Maine Lavender Glycerite Elixir was lovingly handcrafted from mindfully grown and harvested lavender from a talented artist and gardener in Southwest Harbor Maine.   The lavender was submerged in a bath of non-GMO food grade vegetable glycerin for 8 weeks, to capture the wonderful lavender flavor and energy.

Maine Lavender Glycerite is calming, soothing, and supports heart energies as well as connection with higher divine love.  This Glycerite may be used on its own, or added to tea, water, or sparkling water, imparting it's gentle presence. 

Ingredients:  Maine grown lavender, non-GMO food grade vegetable glycerine, water, love.

This is a seasonal product, from a very specific crop of lavender. It will never be duplicated again.  

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