Magic Calling Project, Verse 1 - May 3, 2020

Sage Moon Apothecary LLC

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Magic Calling, Verse 1 is a project that lead to the creation of this first product. Only 13 were created.  Only 11 are available.  You can view the video on my Sage Moon Apothecary FB page and IGTV to hear more about the creation and intention of this project.  

This is a creation that holds grouping, heart supporting energies along with a calling for higher clarity and connection to divine energy.

Oils infused with earthy mushrooms from the Maine woodlands and the Appalachian mountains are blended with birch, pine, hawthorn, and amethyst.  Essential oils of atlas cedar, cypress, star anise, myrrh, bergamot have also been brought into the mix.

Each Oil Roller contains 10mm of magic.  NO label is affixed, so as not to hinder it's visual beauty.  An ingredient card will accompany each oil roller.  

This is intended to be used as support and may be rolled onto the bottoms of the feet, over the heart, and third eye....or onto other areas of the body that feel right.