Incantation, Verse 1 - hand whipped body butter

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This is an elegant hand whipped herbal body butter, marvalously rich in luscious herbal infused oils with Shea butter and skin loving essential oils.  It absorbs gently into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and moisturized.  Gentle enough to use on the face and body. Wonderful for rejuvenating skin after a long summer and keeping it healthy through dry and bitter winters.  And it's vegan!  To top it off, it has mood elevating qualities due to the high concentration of St. John's Wort and helichrysum flowers, as well as heart supporting qualities of hawthorn and lavender.

High quality oils of hemp, avocado, coconut, and olive have been infused with st johns wort, rose petals, helichrysum flowers, nettle leaf, chrysanthemum flowers, calendula flowers, and hawthorn leaf and flowers, blended with Shea butter, and enriched with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, geranium, and rose hip seed, and a touch of vegetable glycerin. Very subtly scented.

Each jar is embellished with rose bud, amber gemstone (a good stone for skin and bestowing a sunny, creative, and self aware nature), and helichrysum or calendula flowers.

Available in a 2 ounce Boutique version which comes in a high quality heavy glass jar and in a 4 ounce elegant version which is housed in a PET clear plastic jar.  A little goes a long way!

NOTE:  These can melt when exposed to high temperatures.  If you live in a very warm climate, it is recommended that you order these when the weather in your area is cooler, due to potential melting in shipping.


St John's Wort - an excellent herb for healthy skin and healthy nervous system.  St. John's Wort may alleviate depressed emotions.

Nettles - very high in mineral content, it is also an astringent and anti allergenic.  It is often used as a spring tonic and is helpful for hay fever, arthritis, anemia, and skin conditions.

Helichrysum - a relative of the sunflower, helichrysum is one of the best flowers found in skincare products.  It is also contains CBG,cannabigerol ,which lends itself to support for a relaxed nervous system as well as a wonderful anti inflammatory.  

Rose - a wonderful skin tonic that is nourishing and astringent and is a valuable flower for soothing inflamed and irritated skin.  It also has strong heart supporting properties.

Hawthorn - the emperor of the heart supporting herbs.  Hawthorn is beneficial to all afflictions of the heart from congestive heart failure to emotional heart break.  An extremely safe herb for internal use, when used in a topical form, it bestows beautiful heart supporting energetics.

Calendula - the most widely used herb in skincare products.  Calendula is astringent, anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti fungal. It can help prevent infection and speed healing.  It is soothing and nurturing to skin and while is very powerful is also a very gentle herb that can be used by all skin types.

Rosemary - stimulates circulation, uplifts the spirit and whole physical body.  Rosemary may. help with recovery from long term stress and  chronic illness.  It can ease headaches and migraines and is thought to lower blood pressure.  An excellent oil for skin as it eases aches and pains and helps to speed healing.

Lavender - anti viral, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial.  Lavender essential oil is a standard in skincare because it possesses so many wonderful healing properties.  

Geranium - an excellent oil for wound healing, and skin restoration.  

Rose Hip Seed Oil - another excellent and extremely rich oil that supports and nourishes healthy skin. Very beneficial for those over the age of 40.



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