I Just Can't.......... Mist

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Feel it. Mist it.  Let it go.

We all have times now and then that we experience periods of depression.  Often this is exactly where we need to be.  And sometimes we can stay there for longer than we'd like or feel stuck in it.  I Just Can't Mist contains a blend of essential oils and gemstone essence to help support movement through depression into  a more grounded and uplifted state.  This is for light to moderate states of depression.

For deep and prolonged States of depression, we encourage you to please contact a professional to help support you.  

Mist into air or onto body as needed.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep out of children's reach.  NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

Comes in a 2.5 ounce coated aluminum mist bottle

Ingredients:  water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential oils of cypress, lemon eucalyptus, geranium, clary sage, and lepidolite gemstone essence.  

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