Herbalist's Choice, 3 month subscription - Herbal Care Package

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Herbalist's Choice, 3 month subscription - Herbal Care Package

The Herbalist’s Choice 3 month subscription Care Package includes a delightful herbal treasure box package shipped to you each month for three consecutive months. Subscription packages usually ship during the first week of each month.

The Herbalist's Choice Care Package is a delight to put together. Sage Moon Apothecary herbalist, Jennifer, lovingly selects and package products, usually following a theme, which usually be what she is intuitively drawn to create each month. Each month's package will be unique and different from any other.

So much care goes into creating Sage Moon Apothecary products, and Jennifer feels that they should feel like a special gift to open. This is what experience has been created in the Herbalist's Choice Packages.

These packages are also an excellent way to build your home apothecary and explore products and plant medicines that you might otherwise not have selected. It's a wonderful way to expand your herbal knowledge and to also gain a better awareness of what works best for you.

Each package will contain 3 to 5 products, which will be beautifully packaged.  Herbalist's Choice Subscriptions ship free.  There is no additional shipping charge.  Care Packages may also contain little treasures, such as dried herbs and flowers from the Sage Moon Apothecary Gardens, cards, drawings, poems, gemstones, and other treasures we might feel drawn to create and add. Packages may contain products that are uniquely created just for our Herbalist's Choice Packages and will not be found anywhere else.

Some of the themes our packages may be built around are: Seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall), Immune System Supporting, Pain Relief, Emotional Health Support, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Heart Support, Digestive Support, Herbal Sodas, and many other creative and useful topics.

Some of the products that our packages may include are: Herbal Syrups (such as Traditional Elderberry, Tranquil Repose - sleep support,, etc), Tinctures (such as Nettles, St. Johns Wort, Tulsi, Echinacea), Salves and Balms (such as Over the Edge, Springtide, Comfrey Cerate, Wicked Salve, etc.), Teas, Golden Milk Electuary Blends, Emotional Rescue Mists, Synergy Essential Oil Rollers or Inhalers, Bath Bombs, Flower & Gemstone Essences, and much. more.

Herbalist's Choice Herbal Care Package Subscriptions are a wonderful gift for yourself and make wonderful surprise gifts for family and friends that will definitely be unique and treasured.

The Herbalist's Choice Care Package is also available as an individual package.  

Please let us know if you are aware of any herbs that you should not be taking, due to preexisting conditions or medications, and we may be able to tailor your packages to suit your particular needs. In particular, it is helpful to know if you are taking blood thinning medications (in which case you should not take products containing turmeric), if you are pregnant, if you have autoimmune conditions (in which case you should not use echinacea containing products), or if you have any known allergies to herbs.
Ultimately, the responsibility to use any of Sage Moon Apothecary products lies in your hands and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have that will help determine the right products for you.

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