Herbalist's Choice CSH

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Herbalist's Choice CSH

There are 6 Herbalist's Choice CSH's available.

The Herbalist's Choice CSH packages are so fun to put together and ship out. Each month your package will contain a treasure box of herbal medicine's and natural skincare products.  Each month will be a surprise and a delight!  While each package will differ, you can expect to receive, in each one, a tincture, a salve or balm, an herbal syrup, a lip balm, and an electuary.  Packages may also contain some of our high end natural skincare products such as face and eye creams or products like magnesium oil and synergy oil rollers.  The Herbalist's Choice CSH is a great way to build your home apothecary and try new products.

The Herbalist's Choice CSH ships for FREE each month!  

Each month your Herbalist's Choice CSH package may also contain things like product samples, bonus products, cards, teas, dried herbs, or other little treasures.  We promise they will feel like you are opening a lovingly made and package gift.

Thank you for supporting Sage Moon Apothecary and your health and well being with the purchase of our CSH package.  

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