Helping Hands - Pay it Forward Class/Workshop

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Helping Hands -  Pay it Forward Class/Workshop

Pay it Forward by purchasing a class or workshop (or a portion of) for a stranger.

Sage Moon Apothecary is working on building a scholarship fund which will help provide financial support to individuals seeking to take part in some of the educational and growth opportunities we offer.  

Helping Hands is a way to contribute to this fund by directly purchasing a class for someone that you don't know.  

Eventually we plan to have a scholarships fund that also helps to provide financial support for herbal medicines and private therapy sessions with our practitioners.  

We believe that everyone who seeks healing should be able to obtain it regardless of their financial abilities.  We also believe that practitioners, teachers, and creators should be paid fair wages that support their work.  It is our hopes that the Helping Hands Scholarship fund will be able to do this in the future.  This is a place to begin........

In Gratitude,

Jennifer, Owner/Herbalist at Sage Moon Apothecary LLC