Hear Me Roar Mist, for female empowerment

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Feel it.  Mist it.  Let it go.

An Environmental and Body atomizer to support female empowerment.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!  

Hear Me Roar is an emotional support mist that helps support creative feminine energy and empowerment.  This is a blend of oils to support the woman who feels fairly overwhelmed with the grand array of tasks she is involved in every day.  Today, most women go to work in addition to all of the tasks that tended to default to women long ago when most women did not work outside of the home.  This means in addition to a job, there is laundry, cooking, shopping, home care, child care, and so on.  Often simply using meditative and relaxing oils are not enough.  The oils in Hear Me Roar are uplifting, heart opening, and help to support that feeling of overwhelm and help shift it to a feeling of female empowerment.  


Mist into air or onto body as needed.  Keep out of children's reach.  NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

Available in 2.5 ounce coated aluminum mist bottle

Ingredients:  water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, geranium, vetiver, gemstone essences of citrine and carnelian

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