Hawthorn Heart Supporting Syrup

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Hawthorn Heart Supporting Syrup

This is one of my favorite herbs. My syrup combines Hawthorn berries with hawthron leaf and flower, and  hawthorn flower essence, honey, water, and a touch of alcohol to help preserve.


Hawthorn is a restorative for the heart and circulatory system. It is also an excellent nervine.

Because Hawthorn is a adaptogenic tonic herb, it has the ability to either gently stimulate or depress the hearts activity as needed.

"In Chinese medicine in the heart stores the shed. Disturb Shen symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, bad dreams, palpitations, and irritability.


 Because Hawthorn is a tonic herb, it is best used over a period of time consistently to see best results. While I sell in 4 ounce sizes, 8 ounces is recommended.


Ingredients:  Hawthorn berries, hawthorn leaf and flower, hawthorn flower essence, honey, water, a touch of alcohol to preserve.

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