Goshdarnit Mist

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Feel it.  Mist it.  Let it go.

Frustration can feel pretty awful.  It feels more awful when we are unable to let it go, and we sit with it, thinking about it, over and over, until it begins to gnaw at us.  Sometimes we need some support in letting it go and that's what Goshdarnit Mist was created for.  

Goshdarnit is a blend of essential oils and gemstone essence that will help support the dissipation and letting go of frustration so that we do not hold onto it longer than we would like, and it does not manifest into physical symptoms.  

Mist into environment or onto body when needed.  Avoid eye contact.  Keep out of reach of children.  NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.

And it is not recommended to spray at or on your source of frustration.  ;-)

Comes in a 2.5 ounce coated aluminum spray mist bottle

Ingredients:  water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, essential oils of lemongrass, white grapefruit, chamomile, vanilla oleoresin, ylang yang, and azurite gemstone essence.

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