Goldenrod Tincture

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Goldenrod Tincture

All hail beautiful Goldenrod!  Goldenrod grows wild and abundant in Maine and this Goldenrod Tincture was made from freshly bloomed goldenrod. Goldenrod gets a bad rap because people THINK they are allergic to it because seasonal allergies flare up at the same time that Goldenrod blooms.  What people are usually allergic to is ragweed, which often grows right alongside goldenrod and it is the ragweed that is actually responsible for the late summer/fall allergies.

Goldenrod is an exceptional kidney tonic and can be helpful in cases of urinary tract infections. It may also be helpful for gout, eczema and skin conditions, and arthritis. It excels as a respiratory tonic that is very helpful in drying up lung congestion and is a great expectorant.  

Goldenrod actually may help with allergies as it contains Quercetin.

It is an excellent detoxifier and also has pain relieving properties.  It may also help lower fevers, relieve sore throats, and help with oral health by preventing infections and healing oral wounds.  

Ingredients:  Wild Maine Goldenrod (Solidago), 80 proof alcohol (Vodka), vegetable glycerin.

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