Goddess Tresses - Available April 22 at 12pm

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Get your Goddess On!  

Goddess Tresses is a phenomenal herbal product that gives hair a beachy look, as if one swam in the ocean, but without the intense stickiness and dryness.  

The creation of this product has been a labor of love, with an extensive formulation and creation process.  

Goddess Tresses, while bringing a beachy look to hair, is actually quite Earthy in it's makeup and energetics.  Infusions of Maine grown marshmallow root, dried and fresh orange peel, and tremella mushroom (snow mushroom) are blended together with four types of salts, and rich hair nourishing oils.  It also had the added benefit of beauty berry tincture, which is reputed to have insect deterring properties.  Goddess Tresses also contains essential oils that bring in wood and earth element energies.  

To use, spray onto damp or dry hair, and scrunch and style as you normally would.  Or spray on and let air dry.   Redo the next day - sometimes skipping washing days and applying a second bit of  Goddess Tresses brings out even more Goddess like locks.

Goddess Tresses comes in a glass 4 ounce amber apothecary bottle, along with an EMPTY 2 ounce glass misting bottle.  We recommend storing the 4 ounce bottle in the fridge and filling your 2 ounce bottle as needed.  This product does NOT need to be refrigerated, but doing so will prolong it's life.

Ingredients:  Water infusions of Maine grown marshmallow root, organic dried orange peel, and organic fresh orange peel, tremella mushroom serum, Celtic grey sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, magnesium flakes, organic aloe oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic argan oil, essential oils of sweet orange, frankincense serata, cardamom. Each bottle has been charged with five element light code.