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Flower Essences

Flower Essences are solutions in water fixed with alcohol that hold the vibrational life energy of a Flower, Tree, or Plant.  Flower and Plant Essences work on shifting energy at the spiritual level of being, which then can trickle down throughout the emotional, mental, and physical levels, often bringing about great change - sometimes where we least expect it.

Flower Essences are energy medicines.  They work in a different way than herbal medicines do.  They are seemingly subtle at first, and often profound healing occurs in the form of shifts and changes at a very fundamental level of being that is noticeable in the days and weeks following using an essence.  

To use an essence, notice how you are feeling BEFORE you use it.  Notice your emotional state, any areas in your body that may feel uncomfortable to you.  Take a couple of drops of essence under your tongue.  Notice how you feel in the moments immediately following.  In the following days, notice your dreams, sleep patterns, and emotional state.  Notice what has changed.  Notice what is unfamiliar.

Essences may be used as often as you feel drawn to using them.  I often recommend using an essence once or twice daily for a week as a general recommendation.  And then when you feel drawn to using it.  If you do not feel drawn to using it, even after one dose, the essence has done it's work.  


"Before I even started my car I put a few drops of my essence under my tongue.  It was like the flood gates opened and all sorts of positive energy flowed in.  I felt as if something had been blocked and now was cleared.  I even got a  message on my way home.  It was that I am loved.  I have always been loved so very much but I have never allowed myself to feel it or admit it.  I feel like there is just so much flowing in!"


FAQ about Gemstone and Flower Essences

Essences may be used as tools for healing and transformation by individuals who wish to make changes in their lives.

Below are some answers to common questions about gemstone essences.

How do I choose an Essence?
There are several methods for choosing an essence that best suits you.  
You may select which ever essence you feel most drawn to or the one that intuitively pops up when you ask "Which essence is right for me?"  This is a very accurate method for selecting an essence, as we often intuitively KNOW what is best for us.
You may also read through the information below and select an essence that seems most applicable to where you are right now or what it is that you would like to employ the ally of an essence for assistance with. 

How do I use an Essence?
Harmonic essences can be taken internally or used externally. 
Internally, a few drops are places on the tongue for a few moments and then swallowed.  The essences can also be diluted in water.  It is said that dilution shifts the effect onto the spiritual/soul plane.
Externally, the essence can be applied directly to the skin.  They may also be added to bath water.
As a general rule, essences should be taken a minimum of 3 times a day for a period of about a week after which the need can be re-evaluated.  However, the frequency can vary with each individual and the greatest guidance is our own awareness.  When the body, mind, or spirit is asking for the essence, in whatever way is familiar to you, which may be as simple as "remembering that you have it", it is a suitable time to use them.
One drop holds the frequency of the whole, so do 20 drops.  Therefore, one dose = 1 drop. With harmonics, as with homeopathics, the frequency is of more importance than the amount taken.

Are essences safe and who can use them?

Essences are very safe.  
While there will be more suitable essences for specific times, there is essentially no "wrong" choice.  Harmonic essences serve to uplift different aspects of self.  Taking an essences that may not at first appear to be the most suitable one for what is in our current awareness to work on, is likely to be working on aspects of our self that ware beneath our awareness.  If the method for choosing the essence is done in a state of awareness, it is most certain that it is serving the individual. 
Essences may be taken by anyone - adults, children, and animals. If you are sensitive to alcohol, it is not recommended that you take essences internally. In this instance, essences may be applied topically.

What will I notice when I use a harmonic essence?

We are each unique.  Some people are very sensitive to changes in their energy field and others less so.  In most instances, people start to notice changes immediately, though they may be subtle in nature.  
It is recommended that before taking an essences, a minute or two is spent bringing awareness to how you feel.  Notice your physical body, your emotional state, and your state of mind.  Doing this short check will assist in noticing the changes that occur after using the essence.  
Pay special attention to how you feel and react to ordinary things in your life over the next week as you are using the essence.


Sage Moon Apothecary works with over 250 flower and gemstone essences.  The offerings below are just a fraction of our collection that we are currently offering.

Each essence comes in a 1/2 ounce glass euro dropper bottle.

Lavender - Lavender is heart supporting and has a clearing effect on the mind.  It can help to support states of calm.  It stimulates spiritual sensitivity and intuition, while helping to maintain physical health.

Bleeding Heart - supports the ability to love unconditionally with emotional freedom.  Bleeding Heart essence is excellent at supporting states of broken heart and wounds held on to from such past experiences.

Peony - Peony essence celebrates life.  It supports a healthy instinct for pleasure.

Dandelion -Dandelion supports dynamic physical energy and life force.  It invites inner ease in all areas.

Yarrow - Yarrow supports being open to others, while also preserving self.  It preserves balance in social situations.

Hibiscus - Hawthorn supports the heart. It also invites the integration of soul warmth and bodily passion.

Lilac - Lilac brings forth deep memory that rejuvenates the soul. It connects the soul with life meaning and supports joy.

Sage - Sage supports wisdom from life experiences. It helps to support the ability to understand and process life experiences from a higher perspective.  



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