Energy Healing Sessions, Presence in Healing

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Energy Healing Sessions, Presence in Healing

This listing is for IN PERSON sessions and serves as an easy portal for client payment processing. Please do not purchase a session here unless you have already contacted me to schedule one.  

If you are interested in Distant Healing Work, please contact me directly by email to  

In addition to being a community herbalist, I also offer intuitive energetic bodywork sessions.  My background comes from a span of the healing arts, including Presence in Healing, Reiki, Gemstone & Flower Essences, Harmonic Healing.  I have been in private practice for 10 years offering both in person and distant work.

"Whenever I have a session with Jen I know I will leave feeling more integrated, no matter what issues I come in the door with. Whatever inner work I have been doing, or struggling through, Jen confirms it. It is as if she can see into that intimate inner landscape in which one usually feels alone and perceive it, too. This is such a gift!"
"Jennifer surprised me. Her wisdom and intuition combined sheds light and promise on exactly what brought me to her table.  I feel grateful always for any time spent with her."


I have lowered the cost of session to make them more affordable to those seeking care.  The cost is now $140.  50% of this will be donated to Sage Moon Apothecary, with 10% going into a support fund which will help with financial costs of classes and sessions.   I see people of all ages, including children.  I do ask that a parent be present when I work with younger children, at least for the first visit, as this often makes for a more comfortable initial experience for both child and parent.  

Sessions are one hour in length. Before your first session I will ask you to fill out a New Client Form with questions pertaining to your life and state of wellness.  A session begins with a conversation.  This time serves for you to share anything and everything that is pertinent to your life right now.  I will be interested in knowing what your current physical and emotional states are, as well as what your intentions are for the session.  Often the conversations take us on an interesting journey together and as they deepen, clarity surfaces. 

After we spend time talking, you will lay, fully clothed, on a massage table and I will use gentle touch and movement to assist in facilitating your intentions.  I also may employ tools such as tuning forks, gemstones, and occasionally constellation work,  to further assist. 

At the end of a session, there is a brief period in which you may share and ask questions and I may share any insights from the session.


Energy healing can bring support to most anything including, but not limited to: 


* Stress & Anxiety

* Post-traumatic stress, both acute and chronic

* Chronic & acute pain relief

* Back and Neck pain

* Migraine headaches

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

* Fibromyalgia 

* Chronic illness

* Autoimmune disorders

* Fertility issues

* Emotional matters

* Depression

* Insomnia

* Psychological disorders

* Grief

* Allergies and Sensitivities, environmental & dietary

* ADD and ADHD

* Finding one's life purpose

* Reconnection with self

Sessions may include recommendations for herbal medicines, homeopathic, and flower essences.  They do not include in depth herbal consultations.  These are offered separately. 

Please contact me at to schedule or for more information.