Emotional Rescue Mists, create your own package

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Create your own package of 4 or 6 Emotional Rescue Mists of your choice.  

Choose from the following blends:

It's All Your Fault - shifting blame and projection

F-You - dissipating anger

Forty Winks - support with insomnia and sleep

Running Circles - quieting mental chatter

Huh? - clear confusion and bring clarity

Scaredy Cat - support courage and movement in times of fear

I'm Outta Here - support presence

I Just Can't - relief from depression

Hear Me Roar - support female empowerment

Goshdarnit - support frustration dissipation

Well That Was Stupid - support feelings of failure

WTF?! - support during times of shock and trauma

Back Off! - support health boundaries


This kit is available in full size 2.5 ounce coated aluminum mists

Some of the blends contained are not available individually at this time and are only found in these packages.  

 Please indicate which blends you would like to compose your package in the notes section at checkout.  

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