Emotional Alchemy, a first aid kit for everyday human feelings

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Emotional Alchemy is a create your own emotional first aid kit to help support the myriad of normal everyday human emotions.   Each kit is composed of 10ml Emotional Rescue Support Mists of your choosing, housed in an attractive tin.  

Each Mist is a blend of essential oils and gemstone essences created to support different emotional states.  They meet you where you are at and help support shifts to where you would like to be.  And they REALLY work, usually in more ways than you would expect, bringing forth healing in a gentle, yet powerful way, on all levels of being. 

Available in two sizes - The large kit contains 7 mist blends and comes in a clear top hinged tin.  The small kit contains 3 mist blends and comes in a solid hinged tin suitable for travel.  

Choose from the following mists to compose your own personal emotional first aid kit:

F-You - supports anger dissipation

Scardy Cat - supports courage and movement in times of fear

Well That Was Stupid - supports feeling of failure

Huh?  - clears confusion and brings clarity

WTF? - helps shift everyday shock and trauma

I Just Can't - relieves depression

Goshdarnit - supports frustration dissipation

Forty Winks - helps with insomnia and sleep

It's All Your Fault - helps shift blame and projection

I'm Outta Here - supports presence

Hear Me Roar - supports female empowerment and feelings of overwhelm

Oh My Heart! - supports heart physically, emotionally, and energetically 

Back Off!  - supports healthy boundaries and boundary setting


Please see individual Emotional Rescue Support Mists for more detailed information

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