Comfrey Cerate

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This is a seasonal limited edition salve from this years harvest.  

Comfrey Cerate is a wonderful healing salve rich with luscious oils and a superb blend of herbs, some grown right here on Mount Desert Island. Helpful essential oils are also added.   Each tin is also infused with arnica 200C homeopathic and contains an ammonite gemstone.  

Excellent for use on wounds, sprains, broken bones, burns, insect bites, and really any sort of area of the body that has suffered trauma.  It also has anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti fungal properties, so will aid in supporting those types of infectious conditions.

Comfrey Cerate comes in a 2 ounce convenient twist top tin.  It is also available in a Boutique Version.  

Ingredients;  oils of hemp, olive,  and avocado infused with MDI grown comfrey, MDI grown calendula, echinacea root, lavender & tea tree essential oils, arnica 200c, amazonite gemstone

Comfrey - known as the "knit bone" herb, lends itself exceptionally well to supporting the healing of broken bones.  According to the Irish Herbal (1775), Comfrey "healed all inward wounds and ruptures". Comfrey contains allantoin which helps to repair damaged cells.  It is an excellent anti inflammatory.  

Calendula - one of the most popular herbs for herbal salves. Calendula flowers are detoxifying, cleansing, and antiseptic.  They can help bring relief to irritated skin, help prevent the spread of infection, and speed the rate of healing.  They are also anti inflammatory.  

Echinacea - one of the world's most well known herbs.  Echinacea is highly revered for it's ability to combat infection and stimulate the immune system. It is also anti inflammatory and anti allergenic.  

Both tea tree and lavender have anti viral, antiseptic, anti bacterial, and anti fungal properties.  Lavender is one of the best essential oils for inflammation and infections and is very safe to use for all ages.  Tea tree has similar properties and is another very safe essential oil.  

Amazonite - Amazonite is a gemstone that helps to speed and support healing, as well as is known as a stone of protective energetics.

Arnica - arnica homeopathic is extremely. helpful for healing trauma, in particular bruises.  It can speed healing and bring relief to areas of the body that have sustained physical trauma and injury.  





This product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, or heal disease.  It has not been approved by the FDA.