Cold & Flu Prevention Herbal Care Package

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The Cold & Flu Prevention Herbal Care Package is really more like the Immune System Supporting Care Package, because it supports one through so much more than just cold & flu prevention.  However, for the ease of marketing, we simplified it to the common language of "cold & flu".  

These packages come at a discounted price than purchasing all of the products individually,  There is a low shipping fee of $3.50 for Herbal Care Packages under $75.  Over $75 ship free.

This is an excellent package that will support your immune system year round, and is especially nice during the winter and spring seasons, when viruses are on the rise and it feels like exposure is everywhere. is.  And you are going to come in contact with virus after virus after virus.  Your best prevention is to support and build a healthy immune system that doesn't easily take on unwanted viruses.  This can be done through adequate sleep, hydration, healthy eating, and your powerful herbal allies.  

The Cold & Flu Prevention Herbal Care Package is composed of three products that are an excellent support at prevention:

You may purchase the following additional products to be included in this package at $2 off (each) the regular price:  Guardian Oil Roller (adults or children's blend), Sinus Essential Oil Inhaler, Golden Milk Electuary, 8 ounces (additional immune system support and detoxing).

Please visit and view the individual product descriptions to be aware of any contraindications and to feel if the products contained are right for you.

*If this kit is for a child ages 3-10, please select (C&F Prevention Package - child) when ordering, so that we know to send our Guardian Oil in a blend that is safe for children.

Please allow up to two weeks from the placement of our order for us to create your products and get them shipped off to you.


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