Chronic Wellness Protocol

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Chronic Wellness Protocol

Sage Moon Apothecary's Chronic Wellness Protocol is a revolutionary (and old world) way that may help shift the patterns of chronic illness, including autoimmune conditions.  It is composed of three Sage Moon Apothecary products which support the systems most in need of support in any chronic health issues, while also helping to relieve symptoms.  

All chronic health issues can benefit from liver support, adrenal support, and immune system support. We bring these to you as Golden Milk Electuary (Liver support), Adapt Adrenal Tonic (Adrenal support), and Thyme Berry Oxymel (Immune support).  When we support these body systems, it helps alleviate the energy that the body is expending on them and may serve as a catalyst to support the body in healing itself.  

Watch our YouTube Video on our Chronic Wellness Protocol here.

Golden Milk Electuary  provides wonderful and powerful relief from pain and inflammation, which are usually present in most chronic illnesses. It supports the liver and brain health and can help to shift patterns of chronic illnesses.  

Adapt Adrenal Tonic is a gentle, yet powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs that. help to support healthy adrenals.  The adrenals are the first system to tire out, well before chronic illness and symptoms set it.  Adapt contains herbs that nourish and support the adrenals. Many other adrenal blends out there contain herbs that stimulate the adrenals, which in the long run, tire them further.  

Thyme Berry Oxymel is a vinegar based anti viral syrup that provides exceptional immune system support.  Most chronic illnesses and especially those of autoimmune nature, have underlying "hidden" viral components - usually Epstein Barr or Shingles - which sheds light on the previous assumption that the body is attacking itself (which goes against the very nature of life).  It has been shown in scientific studies that the body is actually attacking hidden viruses.  When immune system support is provided, along with safe for long term use herbs such as thyme and elderberry, the patterns of chronic illness can be significant shifted.  Elderberry actually smoothes the spiky walls of  viral cells so that they cannot penetrate the smooth walls of healthy cells.

When used in conjunction these three products have shown to bring significant improvement and have the potential to shift patterns to ones of greater health.  

"About two weeks ago I received the first of my three month subscription! I ordered the one for autoimmune disorders and chronic illness! I am currently on plaquenil for my RA but I'm hoping to get off of it and go all natural.... and with the help from Sage Moon I believe that is entirely possible!
Within the first 2 to 3 days, I begin to feel much less pain in my joints and more ease of movement! I am using everything in my package as directed and after two weeks almost feel like a normal person! I am so excited to recommend these wonderful products to anybody that suffers from auto immune disease, RA or Sjogren's. I will continue to take the products with faith that over the next month or two I will continue to see improvement! Thank you for all you do for so many of us! Sage moon apothecary counceled with me and visited with me and concocted a special regimen just for me and I couldn't be more grateful."

Our Chronic Wellness Protocol is available as a package either on it's own, or as a monthly subscription.  When ordering as a monthly subscription, we will invoice you at the same time each month and then ship your package to you automatically once we receive payment. This insures you will not run out of our wonderful products.  It also ships for FREE!

You may also purchase any of the products individually, however we encourage the entire protocol, as they work best together.  

Please visit individual product descriptions for more information on each product in the protocol.


Watch the YouTube Video "Chronic Wellness Protocol" for more information.