Breath Easy, Children's Lung Balm

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Breathe Easy is a soothing lung balm and chest rub formulated especially for children over the age of 2 (and it works for adults too!).  This balm will help to loosen deep seated respiratory congestion, free up air passageways, and bring relief.  It may be helpful for conditions such as chronic and allergic asthma.

Formulated with child safe essential oils in child safe dilutions, this is a salve you want to have in your medicine cabinet.  Commercial chest rubs are petroleum based and often contain eucalyptus oil, which is inappropriate for use on children under 10 years of age.  Breathe Easy is made with 100% natural ingredients of organic coconut & olive oils along with organic beeswax, and essential oils of silver fir, lemon, frankincense, sweet marjoram, lime, roman chamomile, vetiver, damiana, ginger, spearmint, and Vanilla CO2.

Safe and effective.


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