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Body Incense is a delightful line of all natural perfume oil rollers that will kiss your skin with gentle, nourishing oils, and leave a soft and subtle scent, while imbuing you with the gentle, yet powerful healing energetics of essential oils and gemstones.  

Essential Oils blended into high quality organic jojoba oil absorb quickly, leaving no oily residue behind.  

Body Incense is a safe and healthy alternative to commercial perfumes that contain harmful ingredients that may have negative effects on health.  

Each Body Incense perfume comes in a 5ml glass roller bottle.

Choose from the following blends:

Cotton Candy Calm - calming, uplifting, and playful - essential oils of roman chamomile and pink grapefruit with a rose quartz gemstone

Hippie Flow - rich and earthy -  essential oils of patchouli and sweet orange with an amber gemstone

Amorous - sensual and earthy - essentail oils of balsa Peru, ylang ylang, sweet orange with a rose quartz gemstone

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