Blessings Box Direct Donation

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This is a way for people to donate directly to our Blessings Box with a monetary donation.  All donations will go directly to purchasing supplies for the Blessings Box in Ellsworth, Maine.

You may also purchase something directly from our Amazon Blessings Box Wish list, which will be shipped directly to us and will promptly go into the Blessings Box. 

Take What You Need, Give What You Can

This is the Blessings Box that stands outside Sage Moon Apothecary & Curiosities in Ellsworth, Maine. When i opened the shop, This was one of my priorities. It carries the energy of Sage Moon Apothecary, in that its intention is to bring support to individuals. And it does that. 

It provides people with an discreet way to obtain some basic things they may need but may sometimes lack the monetary means to obtain. Inside you will find things like toothpaste and tooth brushes, tampons, toilet paper, diapers, winter hats,gloves, and scarves. Sometime poems or other special blessings are found too.

We have a donation jar in the shop and in the box itself. Donations are used to replenish its contents.

And we can use more help in the form of Blessings and goods from our community for our community. 

You can drop things off directly inside the box at anytime. We ask that they be new, non perishable goods.

It is my hope that Blessings Boxes will pop up in every town and village.

They are a bigger help than you can possibly imagine.

Please share and help us spread the word...... and maybe inspire more people to create Blessings Boxes!

(Sage Moon Apothecary & Curiosities is far more than an herbal apothecary, wellness center, and funky cool retail shop. We are a community hub that aims to make the world a better place in as many ways as we can!)