Birth Essential Oil Inhalers

Sage Moon Apothecary

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A line of essential oil inhalers created for the birthing mother, midwife, and doula.

Inhalers offer the convenience of ready made blends and the use of aromatherapy in a form that is not intrusive to anyone else in the environment.  It also provides a direct way to access the beneficial properties of essential oils fast, so that they work almost immediately.

Choose from the following Birth Essential Oil Blends

  1. Calm & Focus - when calm and focus is needed during labor with myrrh,clary sage, and lavender
  2. Energy - for use during transition or when energy is needed with peppermint and frankincense 
  3. Pain Support - for use at all times during labor and after birth with clary sage, lavender, and frankincense 
  4. Stalled Labor - to help increase circulation and promote labor with myrrh and clary sage

Also see our Birth Collection Kit.

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