Anoint, Sanctification of Beauty - Tinted Anointing Balms

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Special Limited Edition Product released in very small batches.  

This batch goes LIVE on Wednesday, August 21 at 8pm.  

“The history of cosmetics spans at least 7,000 years and is present in almost every society on earth. Cosmetic body art is argued to have been the earliest form of a ritual in human culture. “

The Anoint, natural cosmetic line by Sage Moon Apothecary, was created in honor of the ritual of beauty. It’s purpose is to enhance, nourish, and to celebrate the natural beauty that is already and always present. Rituals can  slow us down, allowing us to take the time to notice, appreciate, and honor our ever present and evolving beauty.  

The decorative color balms in Anoint have all been named after powerful goddesses and women in history, those with tales steeped in beauty and feminine power.  

Anoint is formulated from rich oils with a touch mica which blend easily into the skin, giving it a touch of color.  Gentle color can be reached by using a small amount and blending well.  Bolder color is obtained by using a bit more with less blending.  No essential oils are used, so they are safe to use around eyes.  Micas have been carefully selected and are safe for use on lips, skin, and eyes.  

Freya - A sparkling lively gold shimmer that pays homage to the goddess Freya, who is the Norse Goddess of everything feminine - love, beauty, sex, fertility and gold.

Kali - A light to deep red that honors the Hindu goddess Kalir.  Kali embodies shakti- feminine energy, creativity, and fertility.  She is also a strong mother figure and motherly love, while at the same time being a goddess of sexuality and destruction of evil forces.

Sol - A light to deep sun kissed bronzer that gives your skin a highlighted tanned appearance, paying devotion to the Norse Goddess of the Sun, Sol.  

Hecate - A deep Burgundy red with hints of violet which embody the Greek Goddess, Hecate, the goddess of Magic and Witchcraft.

Four Corners Package - one container of each of the four Anoint Balms from this Limited Edition Release. (only 2 packages available)

Each cosmetic dish contains .5 ounces of tinted Anoint balm.  Please note that the cosmetic dish volume is .7 ounces, so they are not "filled' to the capacity of the dish.  They do however, contain .5 ounces of balm each.

Ingredients:  Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, beeswax, food grade non-GMO vegetable glycerin, Mica.