Other Offerings

Flower Essence Distance Sessions

Flower Essence Consultation,  Scan, & Session

A Flower Essence Session begins with a short consultation with Jennifer via email.  She will then do a scan for appropriate Essences, conduct a distance sessions and blend up a custom essence which will be shipped off to you along with notes from the session and suggestions for use.  

Flower Essence Sessions are priced at $140.  However, during this time, they are available on a sliding scale, pay what you can basis. 

Prior to making this selection and purchase, please contact Jennifer through the contact form on this site, through email to sagemoonapothecarymaine@gmail.com or via FB messenger.  She will then talk with you to determine if Flower Essence work is what is best suited for you at this time. 

Flower Essence Work may be paid for here.


Eclectic Alchemy Consultations

A consultation with Jennifer over email.......which she will go over your current wellness status and provide recommendations and guidance.    

Consultations are normally priced at $120, however during this time, they are being offered on sliding scale/pay what you can basis.  

Please contact Jennifer directly through contact form or through email BEFORE selecting this option.  

Afterwards, Eclectic Alchemy Consultations may be paid for here.




Neither Sage Moon Apothecary LLC or Jennifer May are medical doctors.  Flower Essence Sessions should not replace medical advice.  They are for exploratory and investigative purposes only.