Herbal Healing Support Fund

I firmly believe that anyone seeking to improve their health and well being through the use of holistic methods should have access to those methods, regardless of their financial abilities.  

Holistic choices, such as herbal medicine, are often not covered by insurance companies.  It is a very common scenario that people often feel trapped into using pharmaceutical medications, which for the most part, only offer symptom treatment, because it is more affordable for them.  Many people are on low income or are living on social security and are just not able to afford holistic care without it being financially detrimental to other areas of their life.

I want to change this.

In addition to Sage Moon Apothecary, I run an organization that operates as a sort of non-profit network, called Village Health & Wellness.  Village Health & Wellness is made up of 50+ local health care professionals of both holistic and allopathic schools of practice.  Our intentions were to make holistic care accessible to all who sought it and for both holistic and allopathic care to work together to create a true whole health care.  We primarily did this through holding monthly cost by donation community wellness clinics, where individuals could come and pay what they could to obtain care from chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga and breath work practitioners, herbalists, and energetic bodyworkers. These were a wonderful offering for the local community here in Maine.

I have since stopped holding these clinics, simply because I am so busy with my apothecary.  And I firmly believe in their essence, of helping individuals, regardless of their financial means, lead healthier and happier lives.  A happier individual lends itself to a happier community, which in turn helps to create a happier world for us all.

I have created a Herbal Healing Support Fund in collaboration with Village Health & Wellness, to help those seeking herbal medicines from Sage Moon Apothecary, who truly cannot afford the retail prices, obtain these products.  I sincerely believe my products can help change people's lives and do not want anyone denied them.  

The products that are currently available for funding help are the following:

Chronic Wellness Protocol Package (up to a 50% discount) 

Golden Milk Electuary (up to a 25% discount) 

In order to offer this, I have set up a special support fund that can be donated to by anyone who wishes to contribute.  As a thank you for your contribution, each person that donates will be given a discount code to receive 20% off of their next order.  

The funding will be made available once enough funds are accrued to begin to offer this.  At which time, I will create a simple funding application form that will be available on my website.   

Thank you for reading and helping contribute to improving the lives of individuals and creating a happier and healthier world for everyone.