About Sage Moon Apothecary, LLC

It has long been the dream of holistic practitioner, Jennifer May,  to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in the healing arts beyond the scope of her private practice.  She has been making herbal and harmonic creations for nearly 20 years for family, friends, and clients and in 2015, decided the time was right to expand her offerings to her community and to the public.  Thus, Sage Moon Apothecary, LLC was born. 

Located in the lovely village of Seal Harbor on the island of Mount Desert in Maine and in the downtown area of Ellsworth, Maine, Sage Moon Apothecary, LLC is planting it's seeds.




Jennifer May is a holistic health & wellness provider in Seal Harbor, Maine.  Her practice spans a wide scope of the holistic healing arts including herbal medicine, intuitive healing, energetic bodywork, gemstone and harmonic sound therapy, homeopathy, and a sprinkle of shamanism.

Jennifer began her path in the holistic healing arts in 1999 with studies at the East West School of Herbology in Santa Cruz California, where she learned about Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine and the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2003, she began studying homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medicine.  After moving to Maine in 2005, she was exposed to the healing art called Integrated Awareness(r). It was through this that she experienced the greatest healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually in her lifetime and decided to study energetic medicine.  Jennifer began a 3 year apprenticeship in Presence in Healing under local PiH teachers and a 3 year program of study in homeopathy.  

After some time working at community clinics, she opened her private practice in 2010 in the Downeast Maine area.  She continued to expand her repertoire of skills to include gemstone healing and harmonic therapy.

In February 2015, Jennifer started Village Health & Wellness, an organization committed to building a network of local health and wellness providers dedicated to creating healthy, vibrant communities. In the winter of 2016, Jennifer created the NEH Village Markets, which bring together local artisans and chefs in a space that encourages connection through community. She is currently the Director and Owner of Village Health & Wellness and the coordinator and organizer of the NEH Village Markets,  in addition to Sage Moon Apothecary, LLC and her private healing practice.  In June of 2018, Jennifer opened Sage Moon Apothecary & Curiosities as a brick and mortar store front in Downtown Ellsworth.  Sage Moon Apothecary & Curiosities is home to an old world herbal apothecary, a high end local artisan retail gallery, and a wellness center offering modalities such as massage, energetic bodywork, Reiki, Ayurveda, birth doula and midwifery services.  

Jennifer lives in the village of Seal Harbor.  It is through her family that she finds her greatest insights and inspirations.

For more information about Jennifer's private intuitive healing practice, please visit her website, Jennifer May Holistic Healing.