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Matcha Marshmallow Botanical Sugar Scrub

Sage Moon Apothecary

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"Your sugar scrub is wonderful. My skin is so soft and moisturized after using it! And I know it's all natural, which makes me feel good about using it." ~Happy Customer, California


A sugar scrub created with only natural ingredients!  Gently exfoliating and abundant with herbs that nourish skin, this is a wonderful treat for your face and body.  Organic cane sugar is blended to different levels of fineness, to bring both fine exfoliation and a bit deeper exfoliation.  It is then blended with warm coconut and olive oils with just a touch of vegetable glycerin, which brings about a nourishing emollient quality and is excellent for the skin.  Finally,finely powdered hibiscus flowers and alfalfa leaf are added, along with essential oils that are gentle enough for delicate facial skin to a 3% dilution.  Your skin will love this!

Gently rub a small amount onto damp skin, rinse with warm water, pat dry.

Each cobalt blue plastic tub contains 8 ounces of Botanical Sugar Scrub. While we don't use plastic contains often in our products, this is one that is often used in the shower, so we like to avoid glass.  

Ingredients: organic raw unrefined coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic cane sugar, organic marshmallow root powder, organic Matcha powder, vegetable glycerin, sweet orange essential oil.

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