Wild Beach Rose Elegant Syrup

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Wild Beach Rose Elegant Syrup is an exquisite sipping syrup that will nourish and brighten the energetics of the heart.  Very limited quantities.

Each rose petal was mindfully hand picked by a Capricorn wise woman, on a very special beach on the island of Mount Desert in Maine on the night of the Capricorn Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse.  They were then blessed and bathed in a warm water bath and left to slow infuse overnight, extracting the beautiful color and intoxicating scent of Rosa Rugosa.  A touch of organic cane sugar was added to create a very perfumey, and truly magical sipping syrup.  Intended to be used much like a cordial, but without the alcohol.

This is a precious syrup that is only available once a year.  This version carries with it some extra special energy given the planetary events it was picked and prepared under.

2 ounce glass bottle

Ingredients:  Wild Maine Beach Rose, Organic Cane Sugar, Water

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