Fiery Cider Oxymel Syrup

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Fiery Cider Oxymel Syrup

Fiery Cider in an oxymel form.  Fiery Cider, also known as "Master Tonic" is filled with an abundance of healing properties.

It is antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, and an excellent respiratory tonic. It may be used as a preventative and for acute conditions.

This form is traditional Fiery Cider with the addition of wildflower honey to form an oxymel. It has the same properties as Fiery Cider, in a sweeter, oxymel form.  

1 Tablespoon daily is recommended for prevention and overall health and wellness support.  and up to 4 Tablespoons daily for acute conditions.  

It can be taken straight by the spoonful, mixed in water to form a tea, in sparkling water to form a spicey, and refreshing healthful beverage, and even drizzled over vegetables, meats, or salads. 

Ingredients: organic Maine grown horseradish root, organic Maine grown turmeric, organic Maine grown onion, organic Maine grown garlic, Maine grown young ginger, organic cayenne, organic Maine grown habanero, water, wild flower honey, organic raw apple cider vinegar.


" Jenn has got me hooked on this stuff, it's so oddly delicious! We go through lots and lots of this product- the first sign of an illness and I bust out the bottle of cyder and the sniffles disappear as quickly as they came. It doesn't have to be used just as medicine either, we like to make a salad dressing out of it, too!" ~Ashley, Maine

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