The Synergy Collection is intended to support and foster congruence of mind, body, and spirit. It is when we have congruence that healing occurs.  Essential oils, gemstone and plant essences are chosen for their healing qualities on the physical body as well as on the emotional and spiritual bodies.

"What I like about your Synergy Rollers (and Sprays) is that they offer me the power of essential oils (EO) without having to worry about having to design combinations or dilute them! I love essential oils and use them in my laundry and as aromatherapy in my home. Using them as healing agents for my body is the one area I was reluctant to enter due to the necessity to be mindful of each oil's properties and potency.

Essential oils are powerful plant-based oils capturing the essential elements of each plant's biochemistry and the phytochemicals captured within each oil are not to be taken lightly! Proper dilution is essential to safely using these oils, combinations need to be carefully designed to enhance the needed components of each plant's oil and create a synergistic compound more powerful than its component parts. Most missteps will likely lead to something that simply smells yucky, however, some missteps can be dangerous (what happens if you heat an oil? will two oils combine chemically to produce something toxic?) and all the oils must be diluted to the proper level for safe application to the skin and, occasionally and under the supervision of an herbalist, internally. Remember, essential oils are CONCENTRATIONS of plant oils; you wouldn't drink straight orange juice concentrate! (And that's a weak analogy for how concentrated EOs are! OJ concentrate is unlikely to burn your throat on the way down!)

So, your Synergy Rollers and Sprays leave all the work and guesswork out. I can simply use them and enjoy the benefits of EOs. I use the Rest Roller at night before bed, on my wrists, after putting Guardian Oil on the soles of my feet. Some nights I use the Anxiety Roller, too, on my temples, if the news has been particularly bad." ~Amy Young, Maine