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Rock Fish Relief Balm

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Rock Fish Relief is the Fisherman's Friend!  It will bring rapid relief to fishing wounds caused by rock fish, barnacles, etc. and will promote healing and help prevent infection.  It is something that should be on every lobster boat, because as the Lobsterman is well aware, you cant avoid ALL of these little mishaps and minor injuries.

Don't let your small wound turn into a bigger issue like an infection.  Rock Fish Relief will help insure that your wounds heal well.

Ingredients:  Organic olive and coconut oils infused with nettles, calendula, lavender, helichrysum, red clover flowers, rose with essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and copaiba, and a touch of beeswax.  

Rock Fish Relief comes in a 2 ounce tin suitable for travel.  For best results do not let freeze.  

*Suitable for non-fishermen as well.  Great for gardeners, landscapers, and anyone who works in an industry (or has a hobby) that sometimes causes little wounds and injuries.  

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