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Calm Child, Children's Calm Balm

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Calm Child is a calming children's balm created for children over the age of 2 (and adults as well!).  Calm Child will help bring about grounding and a peaceful state without being sedative.  It is an excellent blend for certain times during the day, supporting relaxation and winding down.  It may be helpful for children that are prone to hyperactive demeanors or those with conditions such as ADD,ADHD, or those with symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Calm Child uses child safe essential oils in child appropriate dilutions.  This does not mean that this blend will not be potent enough for adults - it most certainly will!  Essential oils are extremely powerful and only a little is needed to gain their beneficial support.

Formulated with organic coconut and olive oils, organic beeswax, and essential oils of Douglas fir, pettigrain, lavender, sweet orange, vetiver, damiana, and Vanilla CO2, this is a blend that smells wonderful and works exceptionally well.

To use rub onto the bottoms of feet, back of neck, or massage onto the back.  


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