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Solid : Support for Wild Times Oil and Gemstone Roller

Sage Moon Apothecary

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Solid:  Support for Wild Times is a blend of essential oils and gemstones that help support through difficult and wild times.  The oils and gemstones help to bring a calm to the nervous system as well as support and soothe frazzled energy.  

Each roller is filled with organic olive oil, high quality essential oils, and four gemstones - garnet, tiger's eye, amethyst, and black obsidian. These gemstones help to support through moments of shock and trauma, as well as confusion.  They. help to bring about calm clarity and greater connection to self and other.  

Available in 1/3 ounce clear glass roller bottle with plastic roller, 1/3 ounce amber glass roller bottle with stainless steel roller, and a large 1 ounce clear glass roller bottle with plastic roller

Ingredients:  Organic Olive oil, Essential Oils of cedar atlas, jasmine flowers, geranium bourbon, bergamot, lavender, black pepper, frankincense serata, gemstones of garnet, tiger's eye, amethyst, black obsidian.  

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