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Ginger Shrub - Botanica, botanical infused syrup concentrates

Sage Moon Apothecary LLC

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Botanica is small batch limited quantities!

Botanica is a product line of botanical infused syrup concentrates made from fresh herbs and fruits.  They are something I create in small batches as the herbs and fruits come into season.  

Botanica begins with a simple syrup, and evolves into complex shrubs and switches with the addition of organic raw apple cider vinegar and one of my Botanical Bitters blends.  They are then bottled up and ready to be used in sparkling water, cocktails, and cocktails to make delicious and healthful beverages.

May 7, brings you Botanica Ginger Shrub Blend.

To use, add approximately 1 Tablespoon to liquid of your choice.  

Ingredients:  Fresh organic ginger root, organic cane sugar, water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, Sage Moon Apothecary Sunshine Bitters.

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